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Min-U-Gel® 400

Min-U-Gel® 400

Best Value in Thixotropic Thickening, Suspension and Syneresis Control

Min-U-Gel® 400 gelling agent is made from high purity American attapulgite mineral. It is an economical product that provides a wide range of performance benefits in many liquid systems. It is an ideal thixotropic thickener, syneresis control and suspension agent for a variety of water and organic liquids, including aliphatic and aromatic organics, esters, alcohols, oils, liquid fats and others.

Manufacturers use it in place of more expensive rheology agents, wholly or partially, to gain the many benefits it offers during a product’s life cycle. Min-U-Gel® 400 has a distinct advantage over other commonly used thickening and suspending agents.

Min-U-Gel® 400 product offers an excellent balance of cost and performance. It is functional in a broad range of pH and temperature and is compatible with almost all other additives. It is not subject to bacterial attack, nor affected by salts, acids or bases – except in extreme cases. Min-U-Gel 400 does not swell nor need special solvents, activators or modifiers. Some organic liquid applications may need surfactants.


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 Benefits of Min-U-Gel® 400 thickeners:

Adhesives and sealants Min-U-Gel® 400 thixotropic thickener provides superior thickening, sag resistance, and ease of application, especially in highly filled systems.

Asphalt coatings Min-U-Gel® 400 provides consistent batch-to-batch thickening, easy application (especially spray application), excellent storage stability and syneresis control in roof coatings, underbody coatings, driveway sealers and other asphalt cutbacks and emulsions.

Chemical suspensions: Min-U-Gel® 400 provides easy and stable suspensions of insoluble additives in a wide range of solutions, including biocides, ceramic glazes, fertilizers, household cleaners, paint remover and veterinary medicines.

Paints and coatings Min-U-Gel 400 is used in latex and other general water-based formulations. Min-U-Gel 400 is used in more demanding aqueous and solvent-based coatings, such as primers, topcoats, maintenance coatings, marine finishes, and semi-gloss and gloss enamels. It works as a co-thickener with cellulosic, associative and alkali swellable thickeners.

Pesticides and herbicides Min-U-Gel® 400 stabilizes and suspends ingredients in wet-flowable pesticides and herbicides, even at high loadings. It is also used in wettable granules and powders, emulsions and pan granulated pesticides.

Plastics Min-U-Gel® 400 controls viscosity to aid flow and prevent sag upon deposition in vinyl plastisol and epoxy systems. It also prevents settling and "float-out" in lightweight filler compounds.

Tape joint compounds Min-U-Gel® 400 thixotropic thickener provides smooth, scratch-free applications in these thick films, as well as for sag resistance, viscosity control, spreadability and excellent feathering at low cost.