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Black Diamond Material Science Co., Ltd.

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Black Diamond Material Science Co., ltd is a leading manufacturer of pigment carbon black in Anhui, China. Carbon black has been the choice as black pigment due to its high jetness, tinting strength, gloss and weather resistance, and is widely used in coatings, inks, plastics, paper and architecture cements.

Due to its high surface energy and inorganic nanometer structure carbon black is typically hard to be dispersed in water and water-borne systems. For many years Black Diamond Materials Science has been striving to develop new technologies and innovations that help customers make easier and better dispersion of pigment carbon black. The BD series of products are surface treated carbon black pigments that can be easily dispersed in concentrates, with very low level of dispersantss, or can even be dispersed into color pastes without the usage of dispersant at all. That provides significant material cost savings to customers. The BD Series also offer good compatibility with most coating and ink formulations. 

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PowCarbon® 5319F-W PowCarbon® 2429G-W and PowCarbon® 6316F-W are patented water-dispersible carbon black pigments that are post-treated to enhance their hydrophilicity. They are easily-dispersed in aqueous systems and are suitable choices in applications where traditional grinding or dispersion equipment are not available. Not only the aqueous dispersions can be stable for several months, but they also help reduce the product cost and improve production capacity.

The products were awarded as the 'Outstanding Product" in the 13th China Hi-Tech Fair.  

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High Color Carbon Black grades have the best light and weather resistance and stability. They can provide the best jetness and is applied in automobile coatings, high grade coatings, coil coatings and plastic coatings. 

PowCarbon® 2 has the highest level of jetness 

PowCarbon® A-S has best combination of jetness and dispersion 

PowCarbon® B has the best cost performance

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High Purity Carbon Black is carbon black with extremely low impurities. It is applied in geomembrane, pressure pipes, masterbatch and synthetic fiber spinning. 

PowCarbon® 15         PowCarbon® 16          BeBlack® 15        BeBlack® 16



Medium color carbon black pigments are usually required to have a balanced performance in jetness, tinting, dispersion, fluidity and undertone. They are widely used in industrial and wood coatings, inks, plastics, paper, ceramics and leather industries.

PowCarbon® 2429G and PowCarbon® 2419G are Black Diamond mainstream products in this series. These two products are post-treated and have a balanced performance in both solvent and aqueous systems. They can also achieve high jetness, high gloss and low dispersed viscosity. Weather stability and mechanical properties are also improved.

Selecting these products in their formulations  will help the product engineers to assure they can achieve the best performace, quality and cost targets. 

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PowCarbon® 6316F, PowCarbon® 100 and PowCarbon® 630LX are general purpose low color family of carbon black used in a broad range of tinting applications. Due to their large particle size and relative low surface ratio, they are ususally easy to disperse, with excellent flow characteristics and strong blue undertone.

PowCarbon® 6316F is known for its dispersibility and strong tinting strength, and is widely used in various color concentrates, masterbatch and adhesives. 

PowCarbon® 100 is a surface treated grade with enhanced compatibility in aqueous coatings and low process viscosity and dispersion stability. 

PowCarbon® 630LX is also a surface modified grade with improvement in undertone.

These products are recommended for tinting applications in coatings, inks and masterbatch.

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Oxidized Carbon Black has the advantages of high jetness, low viscosity and good dispersity. The oxygen on the surface of the carbon black particles has significant influence on the carbon black applications. Oxidation can increase the oxygen containing groups on the surface of carbon black, lower the pH value, increase volatile matter content, increase dispersity and improve the overall performance of the pigment. These grades of Carbon Black are widely used in industrial coatings and printing ink. 

 PowCarbon® 81         PowCarbon® 82         PowCarbon® 83



Carbon Black has In recent years, European and US regulators have been taking actions to reduce hazardous substances, espeacilly in industries and products close to food and children health. As an important black pigment, carbon black has to comply to more stringent regulations. 

Black Diamond has developed environmentally friendly carbon black BeBlack® FD09. It is the only carbon black product that passes FDA Standards in China. In will satisfy clients in coatings, pigment paste and printing ink. 



Carbon Black plays an important role in the rubber industry for its high resistance to abrasion, good road handling and ageing resistance. It is also a significant ingredient in the production of a multitude of other rubber goods like high performance treads, carcasses, tubes, belts, profiles and anti-vibration systems. 

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